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EJOT – “Intelligent Fastening for Membrane Roofing Systems”

Mechanical installation systems

One tubewasher specification for insulation and membrane

EJOT developed the original telescopic tubewasher / fastener
installation system with the aim simplifying specification for
contractors and installers.
By creating a dedicated range of high performance sleeves, it
became possible to pick and mix fastener combinations to secure
either insulation OR membrane-over-insulation to virtually any
deck mechanically, using the same specification tubewasher.
With obvious stock and logistics benefits, the system has now
become a standard for membrane installations and mechanical flat
roofing installations. But it is EJOT’s commitment to continued product
development that really sets us apart.
Whichever EJOT combination you need, all of our flat roofing
installation products share the same installation and performance
benefits on new-build and retrofit projects:
Designed and manufactured by EJOT®
High specification tubewashers
Made from high-grade plastic material
Telescope design for resistance to imposed loads
Minimises cold bridging
Prevents fastener head protrusion due to foot traffic
Resistant to unwinding
Security of known performance data
Cost-efficient and versatile combinations
Broad accessory range to aid installation


combines with TKR or TKE fastenings
for installation of membrane and
insulation into steel and plywood


combines with FBS-R or FPS-E
fastenings for installation of membrane
and insulation into standard concrete
and aerated concrete decks.
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